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Welcome to the PAC at Langley Meadows Community School!

You can read the PAC constitution here:

Here is our latest Newsletter:

PAC Newsletter – NOVDEC

Every parent/guardian of a registered child at Langley Meadows is a voting member of the PAC (Parent Advisory Committee).

For current PAC information please find us on Facebook (Langley Meadows Community School Parent Hub), on our Hot Lunch Site ( or check the bulletin board in the main entrance of the school.

The PAC is pleased to offer Fun Lunch and Fun Snack options for your children throughout the year, as well as purchasing Entertainment Books, Hallowe’en Carnival tickets, Neufeld Farms and so much more. All ordering and payment must be completed online at (password is mustangs and you need to re-register every September).

As a PAC Executive Team, we welcome your concerns and suggestions:

  • face to face with one of our Executive Team Members (see list below)
  • by e-mail and
  • attend a PAC meeting (see dates below)
  • via the PAC mail slots in the office
PAC Meeting Dates for 2020/2021:
PAC Meetings are for all parents/guardian of children attending Langley Meadows Community School.  These informative meetings include special features and/or speakers, a question/answer time and update from the Principal.  It’s a great place to hear what’s happening around the school and community and how you can get involved, as well as provide input into our fundraising efforts and how the PAC spends its money.  Due to the pandemic, PAC meetings will be online this year.
Friday September 18th  9am
PAC Executive for 2020/2021:

President: April Ferguson

Vice President: Miranda Holwill

Treasurer: Nicole Wigg

Secretary: Wendy Sjodin

DPAC (District PAC) Representative: Meredith Tremain

Member at Large Positions:

Marnie Spry (Fun Lunch Coordinator)

Jen Hillary

Kim Olynyk

Megan Streu

Kara Powell

Langley Meadows Community School

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