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  • Mustang Moments November 2nd November 2, 2018 - Mystery Number Division 14 practicing their math language playing Mystery number. Students work in small groups to write a series of clues which are then presented to others in the class, who use them to determine the mystery number! Halloween Carnival A fantastic day for the kids. Games in the gym, classroom celebrations, and fun... Read more »
  • Mustang Moments October 26th October 26, 2018 - Clean Up Your Act This performance, sponsored by the Township of Langley, taught the students about littering, vandalism, and graffiti. This fun and educational play also taught the kids about basic recycling and respecting the property of others. Prevention of littering and vandalism begins with shaping the attitudes and behaviours of children at a young... Read more »
  • Mustang Moments October 18th October 18, 2018 - Math Measurements Mrs. Osborne’s class was busy estimating the weight of objects in grams this week and then recording the actual weight. The knowledge they gained from weighing certain items allowed them to make educated estimates. They worked in groups using scales to determine which items would be heavier. Hands on math fun! It was... Read more »
  • Mustang Moments October 12th October 12, 2018 - Dave Orchard We had a wonderful time being “Future Farmer’s” at Dave’s Orchard. The local farm welcomed our three grade 1 classes for the morning along with many parent volunteers. We picked produce and were able to see how it grew on the farm. The cows paid us a visit and we even got to... Read more »
  • Mustang Moments October 4th October 5, 2018 - Math Attack Students in Mrs. Killick’s class subitizing numbers in Math. Subitizing is the ability to ‘see’ a small amount of objects and know how many there are without counting. Terry Fox Run Thank you so much once again for everyone who helped make the Terry Fox Run a success again this year. Our school... Read more »
  • Mustang Moments September 28th September 28, 2018 - Flex it Friday’s Division 15 has taken the pledge to challenge and respect their bodies! Every Friday, we are having “Flex it Friday” where they complete a workout and discuss their healthy habits and goals. Way to go! Checkout their muscles! New Friendships Some new friendships blossoming. Terry Fox Run Thank you to our amazing... Read more »
  • Mustang Moments September 21st September 21, 2018 - Caring Crowns Mr. Raphael’s class made caring crowns this week which helped the students understand the “invisible traits” they have which help them be good friends and maintain good friendships. Cross Country The Langley School District cross country season has started again for this year. Students from grade 4 and 5 are able to participate... Read more »
  • Mustang Moments September 14th September 14, 2018 - Division 15 has done a wonderful job learning the new routines and responsibilities of Grade 1. Here we are getting to know our new classmates while playing a math game! Mr. Raphael’s class busy making magic mirrors. They show the students physical reflections as well as their positive attributes for friendship. Spirit Day We sadly... Read more »
  • Mustang Moments June 28th June 29, 2018 - 1. Marathon Assembly Kilometre club was a huge success again this year with so many kids setting goals for themselves and seeing how far they could run! We were so proud of them as it is a huge commitment to run each day at recess and lunch instead of playing with friends but so many... Read more »
  • Mustang Moments June 22 June 22, 2018 - 1.Kindergarten Water Park This week the Kindergarten classes had a fun filled sunny day at the water park! The kids celebrated the end of the year by playing and laughing together. What a great way to celebrate the year. 2. Beach Day It was an awesome day at the beach. The weather was just right,... Read more »

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