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  • Mustang Moments June 21st June 21, 2019- Kilometer Club So proud of all of the kids who committed to running each recess and lunch for a three week period! Many of our students reached their goal of running a half marathon and others reached the goal of a full marathon. Woohoo!! Many of our teachers also completed half and full marathons. A... Read more »
  • Mustang Moments June 14th June 14, 2019- Art Creations A beautiful creation for Mrs. Boyce from two of her kids :O) Catapults Mrs. Osborne’s class was busy creating catapults for the Applied Design Skills and Technology curriculum – they had to design their prototype, test it out and then redesign. The testing it out was the fun part!! I heard Mrs. Osborne... Read more »
  • Mustang Moments June 7th June 7, 2019- Staff Appreciation Luncheon What a treat to be able to sit and chat as a staff and be pampered by all of you! A big thank you to Lisa Briggs for organizing this event for our staff and thank you to all of the parents who took the time to make something for our luncheon.... Read more »
  • Mustang Moments May 31st May 31, 2019- Trip to the Zoo Some of our students had a trip to the zoo this week, a great day was had by all exploring the animals. Book Café Today Division 10’s classroom was transformed into a Book Tasting Café. Students were able to sample various books from different genres such as poetry, biographies, graphic novels... Read more »
  • Mustang Moments May 24th May 24, 2019- Community Helpers Division 13 had a visit from Cst. Kennard, our school liaison officer, who talked with the kids about his role in our community. Cupcake Sale This week the PAC organized a cupcake sale for one of our teachers family who is fighting against cancer. The sale was a huge success and raised over... Read more »
  • Mustang Moments May 17th May 17, 2019- Water Pollution Division 14 inquiring about water pollution – they showed how even though we can try to clean up the messes we make, we still have an impact on the environment. Vancouver Theatre Sports Our final Art Start Performance of the year was this week and it was a great way to end the... Read more »
  • Mustang Moments May 10th May 10, 2019- Farm Visit Division 18 had a wonderful day at Lindrian Farm! The Farm Tour consisted of: – viewing the cows in the stall and feeding area – watching a dairy cow being milked and learning where the milk goes – watching baby calves being fed by bottle and each of us had an opportunity to... Read more »
  • Mustang Moments May 3rd May 3, 2019- Dental Visit Mrs. Boyce’s class had a beautiful walk to Willoughby Dental this week. The students learned about cavities and how our food choices and hygiene practices can prevent them. The highlight was feeling the “playdoh like” filling material and seeing what happens when it’s set by the ultra bright light. Trying out the “spit... Read more »
  • Mustang Moments April 26th April 26, 2019- New Playground A handful of our LM’s kids helped Ms. D and myself plant some grasses in our new playground river bed. They were super helpers! We hope you can all join us for the grand opening celebration Wednesday, May 1st at 1pm. Spirit Day Today the kids could wear all of the colors of... Read more »
  • Mustang Moments April 18th April 18, 2019- Easter Egg Decorating Mrs. McArthur’s class was busy decorating eggs this week! Math lessons With Mrs. Lightbody As you know our staff has had a numeracy goal all year and we have been working with Deanna Lightbody the Numeracy Instructional Services teacher from the school board office. Deanna was back today demonstrating different math games... Read more »

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