Mustang Moments May 3rd

May 3, 2019

Dental Visit

Mrs. Boyce’s class had a beautiful walk to Willoughby Dental this week. The students learned about cavities and how our food choices and hygiene practices can prevent them. The highlight was feeling the “playdoh like” filling material and seeing what happens when it’s set by the ultra bright light. Trying out the “spit sucker” was also a hit! The class looks forward to more walking field trips.

3-D shapes

Mrs. O’Keefe’s class has been learning about 3-D shapes in Math and spent some time constructing their own shapes out of toothpicks and marshmallows. They quickly discovered that prisms and cubes were the easiest 3-D shapes to make with their materials.

Grand Opening

We were so pleased to have the grand opening celebration for our new outdoor play and learning space. We really wanted to formally say thank you to the people who made this new space happen. So a big thank you to Mr. Sjodin, who donated the perimeter logs for the playground, to Mr. Pulham and Mr. Toor from the Royal Bank of Canada for a generous donation of $10,000, to the Langley School District Foundation for a donation of $1000 and to our LMCS PAC for another generous donation of $10,000!! We feel so proud of this new space and can’t wait to play on it for years to come and now that the warm weather is coming, to also take the opportunity to learn outside in the new outdoor classroom! A HUGE thank you to Mr. Neufeld and Mr. Milton from Habitat Systems for listening to all of our ideas and creating us such a beautiful space.

Kilometer Club

The sunny weather came and we started kilometer club!! Any interested students can participate and run each day at recess and lunch and try to reach a goal of 10 laps, 30 laps, a half marathon or full marathon.

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