Mustang Moments May 31st

May 31, 2019

Trip to the Zoo

Some of our students had a trip to the zoo this week, a great day was had by all exploring the animals.

Book Café

Today Division 10’s classroom was transformed into a Book Tasting Café. Students were able to sample various books from different genres such as poetry, biographies, graphic novels and mysteries, while enjoying refreshments and snacks in a café style setting. They shared their new interests and discoveries of new books with one another by completing placemat graffiti about what they had read as well as by rating their choices in a book tasting menu. Lots of fun and lots of reading today!

Volunteer Brunch

Thank you to all of the volunteers who help each day at our school. That includes helping with home reading, classroom activities, field trips, hot lunch days, sports day and more! We appreciate all that you do for us and our school community. We hope you had a chance to come to the brunch this week and be a little pampered on us, but if not, please know how much we appreciate you all.

Buddy Gardening

A beautiful day to work in the garden with our little buddies. Div. 14 and Div. 07 did some weeding and planting!


This week we were fortunate to have Erin from Ringette BC here with us on Tuesday and Wednesday. Erin was great with the kids, and every class was given the opportunity to experience Ringette. If you want more information about the sport of ringette, or have a child who may be interested in trying Ringette on the ice there are lots of opportunities to try it for free. Just use the following link to find a time and community that works best for you.


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