Mustang Moments May 10th

May 10, 2019

Farm Visit

Division 18 had a wonderful day at Lindrian Farm!

The Farm Tour consisted of:
– viewing the cows in the stall and feeding area
– watching a dairy cow being milked and learning where the milk goes
– watching baby calves being fed by bottle and each of us had an opportunity to take a turn  ourselves!:)
– observing a new born calf that less than a full day old!
– hayride to see the fields
– lunch at the farm and finished with an ice cream treat

We had a super fun day and our hosts were amazing!

Plant Investigations

Mrs. O’Keefe’s class had a special plant day this week as part of their science unit. The students were experts in sharing their plant name and a special fun fact to their classmates. To end the day, everyone had some fun documenting their plant observations.

Fire House

We were lucky to have the Langley Fire Department here again this week with the fire house. The Grade 1 & 2 classes learned about how to safely escape from a house if there was a fire, all different kinds of fire safety tips and how important it is to have a plan with their families in case of an emergency.

Young Entrepreneurs – IDEA Summit

Our grade 5 students participated this year in the Young Entrepreneurs Program where they created a product, marketed it made product and the sold their merchandise. Some of our students were chosen to sell their merchandise along with other Langley students at the Langley Events Centre this week. It was amazing! So proud of Jayden, Carson, Ashley, Cameron, Hailey and Katie. The next generation of business people!

Grade 5 Swim Program

Once again, the City of Langley and Langley School District offered all Grade 5 students the opportunity to participate in Operation Waterproof! The goal of Operation Waterproof is to reduce the number of aquatic fatalities in our neighborhoods by teaching the children first aid and water-safe behavior. We are so thankful that this program is offered each year!

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