Mustang Moments March 9th

March 11, 2018

Grade 5 Basketball

This weeks game saw both the girls and the boys winning against Lynn Fripps! So proud of how hard they played.

Axe Capoeira

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art developed in the 1500s by African and Indigenous slaves in Brazil as a form of self-defence. The performers shared Brazilian instruments, stories, and the history behind the dances. Every time I see this performance I am amazed by the athleticism of the dancers.

Ready Set Learn

This week our preschool visitors got to play with and share stories with their parent. Each station had a well known story and an activity to go along with it. So much fun!

It Isn’t Easy Being Green! Langley Environmental Partners Society

Students in Mrs. Puffers class learned all about amphibian lifecycles, adaptations, habitats, and frog friendly behaviour through interactive discussions and fun games.

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