Mustang Moments January 11th

January 11, 2019

Math Expert

Deanna Lightbody, district Math expert, joined Mrs. Boyce, Mrs. B-G and Mrs. Brenneman’s class for a special math lesson. Div. 15 learned about dot images and how to explain their math thinking using math terms. They also learned new hand signals for indicating that they wanted to share an answer or agree with another classmates answer! Fun.

Basketball Teams

We started basketball practice this week for any interested grade 5 students. Weren’t we surprised when 22 boys and 22 girls showed up for practice!! I am always so pleased with our kids and how involved in our school they like to be. We are thrilled! All students will play and we have created extra teams to accommodate. Students will practice and then play other slope schools once a week. Go Meadows Go!

Sensory Pathway

We are super excited to have installed a sensory pathway this week! Another way for kids to have a movement break if needed. Kids can jump, skip, do wall push ups and move in many different ways as they travel down the hall – another opportunity to get the wiggles out!

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