Mustang Moments December 21st

December 21, 2018

Ugly Sweater PAC Luncheon

A big thank you to Lisa Briggs and all of the parent volunteers who organized and hosted a lovely luncheon to honor all of the staff. It was so great to be able to sit together and have lunch made for us!

PJ and Movie Day

It’s always a great day when you can wear your pajamas to school! A fun way to end the craziness of December by watching a movie and munching on popcorn!

Grade 5 Hoodies

The Grade 5 students rocked their special grad hoodies!


Coins for Kids and Santa Raffle

I am so amazed by our community, you really do fill my heart with joy. I tell people all of the time how generous our community is and these last few weeks have once again proven my bragging rights! The week we did Coins for Kids we raised $1, 863.70 and the Santa Sale and Raffle Tickets raised another $3,150.80!! All of this money goes towards our LMCS families at Christmas and throughout the year so I am very thankful for all of your support.

States of Matter

Mr. Raphael’s class was exploring different states of matter and physical and chemical changes. Students hypothesized about cornstarch and water and discovered that cornstarch turns into a solid when you squeeze it (apply force) and then turns back into a liquid when you let it go!! Then the class melted chocolate that starts as a solid and then melted into a liquid and cooled back into a solid again!

Merry Christmas!

Our school foyer has been all decked out for Christmas and it looks cozy and inviting. Here is Mr. Richardson’s class capturing a moment by the tree.


Div. 15 and Div. 2 had a wonderful week! The buddy classes enjoyed readers theater and some hot chocolate earlier in the week! They also created beautiful gingerbread houses to nibble on over the break! We love seeing the buddy friendships blossom.

Santa’s Workshop

Division 3 students were busy designing toys for Santa’s Workshop. Sweet.

Chicken Suit

The students were promised that if they raised a certain amount of funds during the Entertainment Book Fundraiser in September that Mr. Raphael would do cross walk in a chicken suit! Well, he didn’t disappoint!

Centennial Museum

Mrs. O’Keefe’s class visited the Langley Centennial Museum in Fort Langley for their Pioneer Christmas. The students were introduced to Christmas traditions from long ago and baked tasty gingerbread cookies, made popcorn strings and opened special pioneer toy presents. Thank you to the Langley Centennial Museum for the sponsored field trip.

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