Mustang Moments April 18th

April 18, 2019

Easter Egg Decorating

Mrs. McArthur’s class was busy decorating eggs this week!

Math lessons With Mrs. Lightbody

As you know our staff has had a numeracy goal all year and we have been working with Deanna Lightbody the Numeracy Instructional Services teacher from the school board office. Deanna was back today demonstrating different math games in our classrooms while the teachers were able to watch and learn new strategies. Such a valuable day.

Boom Whackers

Mrs. Yeung’s class was happily using the boom whackers to make rhythmic patterns. Fun!

Speech Festival

So proud of these 4 kids for being chosen from our school to represent us in the district semi final event held at Yorkson. They all did a great job with their speeches and were so brave to speak in front of such a large audience.

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